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Welcome to our roundup of the best receipt paper options available in the market today! We understand that finding the right receipt paper can be a challenge, which is why we’ve taken the time to curate a list of top-quality products that will meet all your needs. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly options, high-quality materials, or affordability, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our top picks for receipt paper and find the perfect solution to fit your business needs.

The Top 10 Best Receipt Papers

  1. Rollxy Premium 3 1/8 x 230 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls for All Cash Registers — Rollxy’s 3.125" x 230' Thermal Paper Receipt Rolls (50gm Solid Core) are the perfect fit for all POS cash registers, printers, and provide sharp black images without ink, all while being BPA-free and jam-free.
  2. HP Input Station: Premium Universal Receipt Paper — Efficiently process transactions with the HP CS749A Input Station Universal Receipt Paper rolls, ensuring seamless access and convenience when handling customer receipts.
  3. Nashua Thermal Receipt Paper — 2.25 in. W x 50 ft. L Single — Enhance your workspace with Nashua’s reliable Thermal Receipt Paper, perfect for printing high-quality invoices and receipts.
  4. Brother RDP04U5 Receipt Premium Paper: Versatile and Durable 3" Thermal Transfer Receipt Paper — Expertly crafted by Brother, this Premium Receipt Paper offers a 3" sheet size for compatibility with various receipt printers, ensuring top-notch performance and durability for all your printing needs.
  5. NCR Thermal Receipt Paper for Business Printing — NCR’s Thermal Receipt Paper ensures reliable print quality and NCR OEM approval, making it the perfect choice for businesses requiring top-notch receipt printing.
  6. Premium 36-Roll Receipt Paper for Smooth Printing — Get ready for seamless printing experiences with the Brother RDM02U5 Premium Receipt Paper, offering top-quality 93 1/5 ft receipts in a convenient 36-roll pack.
  7. Receipt Paper for Toast TP200 Terminal — Upgrade your Toast TP200 receipt printing with Paper Planet’s 20 roll pack of bright white, smudge-free BPA-free thermal paper for optimal credit card machine performance.
  8. 1 Ply Bond Receipt Paper Rolls 3'’ x 165' (Box of 50 Rolls) — Experience top-quality, long-lasting 1 Ply Bond receipt paper rolls specially designed for impact/dot-matrix receipt printers, providing crisp, clear, black images and fitting seamlessly with a variety of popular impact printer manufacturers.
  9. 3-Pack White Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls — Staples Thermal Paper Rolls 2 1/4" x 165' 3/Pack (18233) 492001: Crisp, high-quality prints that work efficiently, perfect for receipt applications and conveniently packaged in a 3-roll set.
  10. Clover Flex 10 Rolls BPA-Free Thermal Paper Pack — Clover Flex Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls: 10 Rolls, BPA-Free Manufacturing, Compatible with Clover Flex Printer Models

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Rollxy Premium 3 1/8 x 230 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls for All Cash Registers

Rollxy Premium 3 1/8 x 230 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls for All Cash Registers | Image

Rollxy’s 3 1/8 x 230 thermal paper receipt rolls, available in 50 GSM thickness, offer a solid core design that’s suitable for a wide range of POS cash registers, printers, and Clover Square Stations (including Star Micronics). With an end of roll warning stripe and a paper weight of 50gm, these rolls are a perfect fit for the popular 3.125" x 230' size. The tightly wound design ensures there are no jams while keeping the inkless printing process environmentally friendly, thanks to its BPA-free nature.

These rolls have a brightness rating of 96 lumen and come with 50 sheets per roll, featuring glossy paper finish with the 50 gsm thickness.

HP Input Station: Premium Universal Receipt Paper

HP Input Station: Premium Universal Receipt Paper | Image

I’ve been using the HP Input Station Universal Receipt Paper in my small business over the past few weeks, and let me tell you — it’s been a game-changer. Our cash register has been incompatible with other universal receipt paper, causing plenty of headaches. This one, on the other hand, has been a dream to use.

The thermal paper is fantastic, not only for its quality, but also its versatility. It’s made in the United States and it’s compatible with a cash register, which has saved us a ton of hassle. We’ve been through quite a few roll packs, but the fact that we can now purchase them in bulk with 10 rolls of the HP CS749A Input Station Universal Receipt Paper is such a relief — we’ll never run out again!

One thing I really appreciate is its durability. Despite constant usage, we haven’t had to replace the roll — it’s been running strong for weeks. Now, with this high-quality receipt paper, our transactions run smoothly without any issues. And, with the 2.25 x 125 dimensions, we’ve got plenty of space for all the necessary information.

No more worrying about receipt paper incompatibility or running out — the HP Input Station Universal Receipt Paper is the perfect solution for our cash register needs, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Nashua Thermal Receipt Paper — 2.25 in. W x 50 ft. L Single

Nashua Thermal Receipt Paper - 2.25 in. W x 50 ft. L Single | Image

Every day in Nashville, I rely on Nashua thermal receipt paper to keep my cash register business humming. The 2.25-inch roll width and 1.5-inch diameter make it perfect for snugly sliding into my printer.

With its 50-foot long roll, I’m always stocked up for busy weekends. It’s an essential component in my ever-reliable Nashua office accessories lineup.

Brother RDP04U5 Receipt Premium Paper: Versatile and Durable 3" Thermal Transfer Receipt Paper

Brother RDP04U5 Receipt Premium Paper: Versatile and Durable 3

I recently decided to upgrade my receipt printing game and give the Brother Premium Receipt Paper a try. The 3" sheet size was a game-changer, allowing me to print receipts of different sizes and designs — perfect for my growing retail store. Being a fan of Brother products, I trusted their reliability and durability.

The 8.38mm core size and 3" inner diameter made it easy to use with my existing receipt printers, including the RJ3050 and RJ3150 ruggedJet mobile printers. The crisp, clear thermal transfer printing left me impressed and satisfied with the overall print quality.

However, the 12 rolls included in the box seemed a bit low for my needs. Perhaps Brother could consider including more rolls per package for customers who require more printing supplies. Nonetheless, I’m excited to continue using this high-quality receipt paper for all my printing needs.

NCR Thermal Receipt Paper for Business Printing

NCR Thermal Receipt Paper for Business Printing | Image

I recently tried using NCR Thermal Receipt Paper for my small business. Let me tell you, it’s been a game changer! The papers are perfect for both daily transaction receipts and those occasional promo codes. The quality is top-notch; it didn’t tear or fade even after long hours of use. And don’t get me started on the print clarity. It’s so good that I no longer have incoherent receipts. I also like how it’s approved by NCR OEM for its printhead reliability.

However, I would’ve appreciated it if the weight was a tad lighter. At 35 lbs, it can get a bit heavy for casual use, but it’s perfect for day-to-day business operations. Give it a try if you’re looking for reliable, clear, and durable receipt paper that won’t disappoint!

Premium 36-Roll Receipt Paper for Smooth Printing

Premium 36-Roll Receipt Paper for Smooth Printing | Image

Introducing the Brother RDM02U5 Premium Receipt Paper, a top-tier solution for all your printing needs. With 36 rolls of high-quality receipt paper, each measuring 93 1/5 ft in length, this set is sure to provide the reliability and clarity businesses of all sizes deserve.

Embrace this premium paper and let your receipts shine with a professional touch every time. Receipt Paper for Toast TP200 Terminal Receipt Paper for Toast TP200 Terminal | Image

Looking for top-notch receipt paper for your Toast TP200 Terminal? PaperPlanet. com’s Thermal Paper is the perfect choice! This set comes with 20 rolls of premium thermal receipt paper, ensuring you’re never short on supplies.

Each roll features a pink end-of-roll marker, making it easy to keep track of how much paper you have left. And don’t worry about harmful chemicals — Paper Planet’s paper is BPA-free, ensuring both you and the environment stay safe.

So why wait? Upgrade your receipt game with Paper Planet!

1 Ply Bond Receipt Paper Rolls 3'’ x 165' (Box of 50 Rolls)

1 Ply Bond Receipt Paper Rolls 3'' x 165' (Box of 50 Rolls) | Image

These high-quality receipt rolls are perfect for impact/dot-matrix printers, cash registers, kitchen printers, calculators, and adding machines. Designed for clarity and precision, the lint-free 3-inch wide by 165-foot long bond paper ensures crisp, black images on receipts. Ideal for businesses needing top-notch receipt printing, these rolls meet all impact printer manufacturers’ OEM requirements and are BPA-free.

With a wide range of compatible printers, you’ll find the right one for your needs.

3-Pack White Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

3-Pack White Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls | Image

As someone who has used these Staples Thermal Paper Rolls, I can confidently say they’re a game-changer for printing receipts. Each roll measures a whopping 165 feet long, meaning they can print countless receipts before needing a replacement. These thermal paper rolls are ink-free, creating crisp, dark prints that stand out against the white paper, making them easy to read.

One of the standout features is the high-quality barcodes and human-readable fonts produced by the thermal transfer label. It’s great to have such versatility in just one pack. However, it’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need to apply pressure when printing to get the best results. Overall, these rolls have made my receipt printing experience a breeze, which is why I give them a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

Clover Flex 10 Rolls BPA-Free Thermal Paper Pack

Clover Flex 10 Rolls BPA-Free Thermal Paper Pack | Image

I’ve been using these Clover Flex Printer Paper Rolls for a few weeks now, and I have to say, they’ve been quite a game-changer for my busy business. The printer paper is glossy, which makes the printed receipts look sharp and professional. And the best part? It’s compatible with the Clover Flex POS device, so I don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that sometimes the rolls can be a bit tricky to install in the printer. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it can slow down my workflow a bit. I also wish there was an indicator to help me know when to start using the rolls, as I’ve had to guess a few times.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with these Clover Flex Printer Paper Rolls. They’re reliable, efficient, and make my life a lot easier when it comes to printing receipts.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re running a small business or just printing receipts at home, choosing the right receipt paper is crucial for seamless transactions and accurate record keeping. Here’s a buyer’s guide with the key factors to consider to help you make the best purchase.


Important Features

When shopping for receipt paper, the following characteristics should be your primary considerations: thermal sensitivity, thermal transfer ribbon compatibility, paper type and thickness, and the speed of your printer or cash register. Let’s dive deeper into these factors and why they matter! 📋🧩

Thermal Sensitivity

Receipt paper comes in two main types, thermal and direct thermal, with thermal sensitivity being a significant feature in choosing the right paper for your needs. 🔧🔥 What’s the difference, you ask? 🤔 In simple terms, thermal paper has a coating that allows it to print when heat is applied, while direct thermal paper uses a special coating that chemically reacts with heat to produce an image. Direct thermal receipts provide a slightly higher resolution than their thermal counterparts, making them an excellent choice when accuracy and clarity are crucial. However, with better quality comes a higher price.


Thermal Transfer Ribbon Compatibility

If you’re planning to use a thermal transfer printer, you’ll need to purchase receipt paper compatible with your printer’s ribbon. 🎨🖌️ This typically means your receipt paper needs a specific adhesive coating that works with the thermal transfer ribbon to create a high-quality, durable print. Incompatibility issues can lead to smudging or poor-quality prints, which is the last thing you’d want on an important receipt. 👎

Paper Type and Thickness

Receipt paper comes in various types and thicknesses. The most common paper types include thermal and direct thermal, as mentioned earlier. 🧭 As for thickness, it affects the durability and longevity of the receipt, as well as its appearance. Thicker receipts provide a more professional look and tend to last longer, especially in outdoor environments or high-traffic locations. However, they often cost more than thinner options. 🧳 To decide which paper type and thickness suit your needs, consider the environment in which the receipt will be used and the level of protection against fading, moisture, and damage you require. 💼🌈



What are the benefits of using receipt paper in a retail environment?

Receipt paper offers numerous advantages, such as providing a professional image, improving branding efforts, and making it easier for customers to keep track of their expenses. Moreover, well-designed receipt paper with relevant information can encourage repeat business and enhance the customer experience.

Additionally, receipt paper can cater to specific needs like offering paper that is more durable, so it doesn’t tear easily, or providing options that are thermal-sensitive or barcode-enabled for faster, more efficient printing. The use of high-quality paper can also make an environmental statement to the customer, demonstrating consideration for the world beyond their purchase. Overall, receipt paper not only acts as an efficient tool for retailers, but also contributes to a positive customer experience.


Is thermal receipt paper safe for the environment?

Thermal receipt paper is generally considered safe for the environment. Many manufacturers have made efforts to lessen the environmental impact of this popular material. They have developed thermal receipt paper that is made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. Furthermore, these papers are often acid-free, preserving the material’s ecological properties in the long run. In the manufacturing process, the use of fewer chemicals is also a trend to minimize environmental damage.

However, as with all products, some environmental concerns remain. The production of thermal receipt paper might still contribute to pollution and the depletion of resources if not carefully managed. Manufacturers should continuously improve their methods to lessen these concerns further. Customers can also help by recycling or reusing receipts wherever possible.

What are the differences between black and white receipt paper?

The difference between black and white receipt paper is primarily the color. Black receipt paper is generally used when printing text and small images, whereas white receipt paper is used when printing larger images or where the logo needs to be more prominent. Black receipt paper is often used in places where the receipt is likely to be read in low light situations, such as theatres or cinemas. White receipt paper, on the other hand, is preferred where a more balanced and less stark contrast is desired.

Another concern is ink resistance. Black receipt paper is more resistant to smudging and fading. This property is especially important when receipts are handled frequently or in humid conditions. White receipt paper, while not as resistant to ink fading or smudging, has the advantage of providing better image quality with photographs and vivid colors.


What is barcode receipt paper?

Barcode receipt paper is a type of receipt paper specifically designed to print receipts with barcodes. Barcodes are printed on thermal receipt paper with a special thermal ink that has a black color when printed. This ink is designed to bond well with the barcode symbology, ensuring scannability. Barcoded receipt paper is typically used for retail purchases, where scanning receipts at points of sale or entry can make transactions quicker and more efficient.

Barcode receipts are also popular with some businesses and customers as they can provide a quick and accurate record of purchases. The scanned barcode can be read and processed directly into the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This results in a reduction in errors and a more streamlined transaction process, contributing to efficiency and productivity.

How do I choose the right type of receipt paper for my business?

The type of receipt paper you choose depends on your business needs and the nature of your transactions. If your business deals with frequent, high-volume purchases, receipt paper should be able to handle this activity without tearing or smudging. Opt for receipt paper with good durability, which can withstand high rates of use without losing print quality.

If your business requires a professional appearance, consider choosing receipt paper with high-quality images and vibrant colors. If your business involves transactions with barcodes, you would need receipt paper with an ink that bonds well with the barcode symbology. Additionally, consider recycled or eco-friendly options if environmental sustainability is a priority for your business. Lastly, always consider the brand reputation and customer experience. A receipt is one of the most tangible aspects of a customer’s interaction with your business. A well-designed, high-quality receipt can leave a lasting impression and contribute to repeat business.

What is the role of coatings in receipt paper?

In thermal receipt papers, the coatings play a significant role in the printing process. They determine the type of ink that can be used, the print quality, and the overall durability of the print. There are two types of coatings: pigments and dyes. Pigment coatings produce prints with a deeper color and can be more resistant to smudging and fading. On the other hand, dye-based coatings offer more vibrant and bright colors.

The composition also affects the handling properties of the paper. For example, if the paper has a coating with a high degree of adhesion, it can make the paper more prone to tearing. Therefore, the choice of coating should depend on the desired properties of the receipt paper: easy handling, longevity of the print, and the intensity of the colors. Manufacturers usually offer a range of options, and the best choice for your business would depend on your specific needs.

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